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What to Expect


Counselling and Psychotherapy are talking therapies that offers a safe, confidential place to talk to a trained professional about your feelings and concerns. You might talk about difficult events and experiences in your life or your relationships and emotions. Or you might have negative thoughts and behaviours that you want to change.

I will not give you advice or solve your problems for you. I will listen to your story, helping you to understand yourself better and make positive changes in your life.

Everyone's journey will be different, what I offer is an environment where we can mutually support your needs, so that you can develop perspectives and mechanisms which will empower you to enact positive changes and choices, that are sustainable throughout your life.

This will be tailored to your needs within a bespoke therapeutic room, but can be a combination of within a traditional therapeutic room as well as outdoors (where appropriate).

Cost of a Session

I look to work to a minimum of 8 sessions in order to fully invest in our relationship, understand and positively assist in your predicament(s). However, your therapy can be as long as you deem necessary.


This is due to the researched evidence that points out that between 8-12 sessions are appropriate to enable a trusting depth to the therapeutic relationship, as well as having sustainable positive outcomes for the client.

A session lasts for 1 hour at a cost of £45. Payment is made by cash at the session or bank transfer prior to the start of a session.

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