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About Sea and Land Therapy


The fundamental philosophy of Sea and Land Therapy is that I believe in the uniqueness of the individual. That is, that every single person, their experience(s), values and beliefs as well as their perspectives is unique to them.

That is why every course of therapy is tailored specifically to the individual, by way of an integrative, innovative and respectful approach. This means that I as the therapist have trained and invoke a variety of theories and approaches, so that I can find the most effective way to support and assist you in overcoming whatever issues that may bring you to the therapeutic environment.

You will be empowered and supported to discuss what troubles you and how you can alleviate the stress of, or resolve these issues. Over the course of the sessions this will enable you to make choices and develop yourself so that you can lead the life that you want by gaining self-awareness and understanding.

Where appropriate there is the option where we can work both in a traditional setting (one to one in a therapeutic room), as well as using outdoor environments. This can assist in the garnering of different perspectives as well as challenging or affirming current perceptions. This is a part of the tailored package that we can design, discuss and embark on during the course of our relationship.

As with all personal therapy, every aspect is fully confidential, non-judgemental, empathetic and congruent. I look to work to a minimum of 8 sessions in order to fully invest in our relationship, understand and positively assist in your predicament(s). However, your therapy can be as long as you deem necessary.

I aim for short term benefits for initial respite from your current symptoms, as well as striving for long term sustainable positive changes and personal growth so that through life contentment can be achieved and maintained.

Sea and Land Therapy practices inline and abides with the National Counselling Society’s (NCS) Code of Ethics.

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