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Integrated Counselling
& Psychotherapy

Dan Glaze

MNCS Accredited Psychotherapist & Integrated Counsellor


About me

Life is complex and is becoming ever more difficult to navigate. After a turbulent childhood and circa 26 years as a Royal Marine Commando, I have experienced an extensive assortment of challenges both in my personal and professional life that I have overcome. During this time, I have also embraced supporting both individuals and families who have been going through difficulties, through both the course of my work as well as within my local community.

This access and experience afforded me the opportunity to develop a set of highly proficient interpersonal skills to numerous diverse and inclusive cultures without any fear of judgement ever being evident. Further growth through training of this skill set has enabled a comprehensive personal resolve and resilience to gain positive outcomes to those that have faced complex personal, social and psychological issues.

This is why I believe that every person should receive the best support that they need and that this will have a positive effect not only to them personally but also to their family/social dynamic and thus to society i.e. the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. So, I took to becoming expansively trained in a way that I could make the most difference to people’s lives, whilst maintaining specialist experience in complex issue solving.

I strive to be someone who you can find a rapport and communicate with empathetically. Who is enthusiastic, dedicated, resilient and can support you in your issues, whilst maintaining clear boundaries and confidentiality. I want to make a difference to those that I work with that will have lasting effects on their lives, by being innovative and informed by substantiated best practice but not losing the human touch.

I practice inline and abide with the National Counselling Society’s (NCS) Code of Ethics. This is further supported by me being on the Professional Standards accredited register.

Associated Qualifications and Experience


  • Level 5 Advanced Specialist Diploma in Psychotherapy (NCS).

  • Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Counselling (Integrative) (MNCS Accredited).

  • NCS Accredited Level 3 Foundation in (Integrative) Counselling.

  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Trained (ASIST).

  • Trauma focused REWIND Technique.

  • Understanding and Application of Solution Focused Therapy Principles.

  • CMI Level 5 Award in Coaching and Mentoring.

  • Traumatic Risk Management (TRiM) Practitioner and Team Leader.

  • CMI Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management and Leadership.

  • CMI Level 6 Cert in Management and Leadership (Dec 14).

  • HealthCare Quality Quest (Healthcare Governance Course).

  • Extensive experience of working with complex issues for both Families and Individuals alongside a Mental Health Charity in outdoor environments utilising 'Surf Therapy'. 

  • Redruth Facilitator of a mens' Mental Heallth group, whose primary mission is to reduce male suicide in Cornwall.



  • University of Derby Certificate; Depression: A Compassionate View (Feb 19)

  • Certificate in Introduction to Psychological Trauma

  • Certificate in Exploring Abusive Relationships

  • Certificate in Understanding Substance Misuse

  • Certificate in Nature Therapy

  • Certificate in Working with Body Process

  • Certificate in Somatic Resourcing

  • Mental Health and the Body – Treating Trauma

  • Working with Trauma in a Time of Trauma

  • Working with Trauma that has become Stuck

  • Working with Trauma Triggers and Flashbacks

  • Working with Trauma Memories

  • Trauma and the Body: Dissociation and Somatisation

  • Working with Shame

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